A Town Rich In Distilling History

"Throughout prohibition, it wasn’t uncommon for as much as nine tons of sugar to come through town without any of it making it to a grocery store. Telluride Whiskey, after all, was in high demand, even as far away as New York, or so claimed some proud Moonshiners."  -  Telluride Historical Museum

Four Ski Bums add to this History

Starting with a small stove top still the idea to start Telluride's first legal distillery grew from a dream into reality.



Using only the finest ingredients, our mashing and mixing is done by hand using our 300 gallon mash tun.


Fermentation is done in our controlled environment in 550 Gallon Stainless Steel tanks.


We use a custom built Continuous Fractioning Column, this assures consistency and quality at a level unobtainable from a pot still.

Barrel Aging

Our whiskey is barrel aged in various types of new and used charred oak barrels, creating unmatched depth and complexity.

Proofing and Dilution

Using pure Telluride Mountain Water, all products are diluted and proofed to their exact claimed alcohol percentage.


As with all other processes, all bottling is done in house using a precise and automated bottling line then hand labeled.