Telluride Flatliner

A local favorite, the Telluride Flatliner is typically made with Espresso, Vodka and a couple other liqueurs, our version uses just our vodka with some other common items.  First take a martini glass and drizzle a bit of chocolate syrup in it, then shake and strain the following ingredients:

-3 Parts Telluride Vodka

-1 Part Chilled/Cold-brewed Espresso

-1 Part Half and Half Cream

-1 Part Vanilla Syrup(Monin or any other type of vanilla coffee syrup works)

Would you like to give it a minty kick?  Try this:

-2 Parts Telluride Vodka

-1 Part Chairlift Warmer Peppermint Schnapps

-1 Part Half and Half Cream

-1 Part Vanilla Syrup

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