Distilled from 100% Cane, making this a gluten free product, our vodka defines what a smooth, creamy and velvety vodka should possess in mouthfeel.  Distilled in our continuous fractioning column, this vodka goes through 26 theoretical distillations before it hits our multi stage filtration process.  Available in our 750ml swingtops and our 200ml adventure sized bottles at 40% or 80 proof.

Chairlift Warmer Peppermint Schnapps

With a European-Alp's styled recipe, our schnapps boasts "enough sugar but not too much to make it a syrup" and an authentic peppermint flavor, all without straying too far off from the favorite mountain town classic.  Also a gluten free product.  Available in our 750ml swingtops and our 200ml adventure sized bottles at 50% or 100 proof.  Gold Medal Winner at 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Distilled from a "High Altitude High Malt Rye" mash and aged in new and finished in a mixture of different used charred oak barrels(red wine, port and sherry, just to name a few), our Telluride Whiskey touts depth and complexity through its hints of vanilla, honey and chocolate, as its light body and warm texture cover your mouth making you beg for more.  Available in our 750ml Swing tops at 46% or 92 proof in limited quantities when available.

Telluride Mule

Currently only available in our tasting room for on premise consumption or carry out's in a 750ml swingtop, our mule is made with our very own ginger beer consisting of fresh ginger, fresh lemon, and less sugar.  This soon to be canned cocktail will go down as one of your favorite mules you will have to date.  12 oz canned 4 packs planned for late 2018.  Would you like mules for a party?  Contact us for private party keg pricing.

Cocktail Bitters

Do you have a good cocktail that's missing that extra "something" to make it a great cocktail?  Our cane spirit is aged in 15 different herbs and spices for 30 days before going through an intense filtering process eliminating fierce oils and leaving the perfect flavorful additive to give your cocktail that extra oomph.  Available only in the tasting room in 100ml dropper bottles at 45% or 90 proof.